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Listed on the National Historic Registry as the Dr. JH Harris House, Mason Street Manor is the perfect backdrop for any affair. Contact us today and one of our experienced Event Managers will be in touch with you to schedule an on-site tour and put together a custom package to suit your personal taste and budget alike.

We Specialize in Environmentally-Conscious Elegance • Weddings / Events / Supper Clubs

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  • Wonderful place - beautiful venue and definitely timeless. not to mention the wonderful staff and owners! would definitely recommend!
  • Great people, great atmosphere, awesome food! Highly recommended!
  • I recently visited the Mason Street Manor for an event that was held on the property. My best friend had been searching for the perfect wedding venue, and upon her discovery of this location, she knew she had found exactly what she and her now husband were looking for.We stayed in a room the night before the wedding. The staff far exceeded expectations - making sure we had not only the necessities, but taking those extra steps to make us comfortable and accommodating the bride’s wishes with no hesitation!The staff and owners were very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, and well organized. Their passion for delivering the best food and service is not where it stopped - they absolutely enjoyed being a part of this special day and that was contagious to the guests and bridal party 🙂The property was beautiful! A lot of the decor from the era in which the house was built had been preserved. The beautiful wood flooring and abundance of large windows balanced the perfect amount of natural light to allow the bride and groom to have their photos they took inside to incorporate the very same details that sparked their excitement for having their wedding there. The outside of the manor is stunning and the options for their photos were endless.I’m looking forward to visiting The Mason Street Manor again in the future! Thank you to Kate, Chris, Marianne, Hannah, Lexi, and all of the staff members who made this special day exactly what the bride and groom had been hoping - beautiful, memorable, and absolutely the most fun their friends and family could experience 💜
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