1. The Mason Street Manor is a private social club. It is operated under North Carolina Law, and only members and their bonafide guests may attend club functions. This contract is part of the club application, and if you refuse to agree to any of these contractual provisions, you will not be allowed membership, and are not allowed to attend club functions, or enter the club premises. If you refuse to sign this contract, and enter the club surreptitiously, you agree that your mere entry into the premises constitutes your consent to these contractual provisions.
  2. If you bring a guest to a Mason Street Manor event, the guest will be asked to sign a printed copy of this contract before entering the club. For weddings and other private events, the hosting member may instead be asked to sign a general liability waiver to to release Mason Street Manor from damages incurred by guests and outside vendors that are invited/hired by the event host.
  3. The Mason Street Manor makes every effort to conform to all federal, state and local laws, rules, and regulations. If you are aware of any violation of laws, rules, or regulations on the part of our club, its management, or its members, you agree to immediately notify the staff and management, in writing, of your belief that such law, rule or regulation is being violated, so that we can investigate, and make such corrections as are appropriate.
  4. Our members are our club. If you are a police officer, fire-fighter, or other public governmental employee, and are willing to provide off-duty assistance, please disclose such fact on your membership application. Thank you for your service!
  5. You are aware of the purpose for this club, and agree that our right to participate in and be members of this club is protected by the Federal and State Constitution.
  6. You agree that neither the club nor its members are responsible for your health. You are solely responsible for maintaining and protecting your own health. All interactions between the club members are by mutual consent, and you should take your health into consideration in making such decisions. It is the responsibility of all members to protect themselves from communicable diseases.
  7. The club is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen property. You agree that it is your responsibility to secure your valuables.
  8. No weapons of any kind will be permitted on club property unless you are a uniformed police officer and are on duty and identify yourself as such. Possession of weapons is grounds for immediate termination of membership and dismissal from the property.
  9. All members and guests must  21 years of age in order to consume alcohol, and no member or guest shall drink alcoholic beverages to excess. No outside alcohol shall be sold or otherwise transferred in violation of law on club premises.  Your alcohol intake is not monitored by the club and you release and hold harmless and indemnify The Mason Street Manor, Carrothers Ventures LLC, Chris and Lelia Kate Carrothers (owners), and Something Green Events from any damages that may occur due to your consumption of alcohol whether that be while operating a motor vehicle or otherwise.  The Mason Street Manor reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to members and their guests. As a member or guest of the Mason Street Manor, you agree NOT to operate a motor vehicle after the consumption of alcohol and verify your understanding of current NC ABC Laws with respect to the legal BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) limit allowed to drive a vehicle.  
  10. Mason Street Manor is located on a national historic property, the DR. JH Harris House which was built between 1902 and 1904. As such, many of the architectural features (such as railings, stairs, banisters) are “grandfathered” and may not meet the building codes or safety requirements that are recommended in present times and for new construction. Members will use common sense with regard to their physical safety (and that of their guests and children) and accept personal responsibility for same, and release Carrothers Ventures LLC, The Mason Street Manor,its staff, owners, and management from any liability for injuries occurring as a result of the members use of the club, its facilities, and/or equipment.
  11. No harassment, sexual or otherwise, will be permitted in the club. Any such harassment shall be immediately reported to club management. If the complaint is justified, your membership may be permanently revoked. The party you harassed will be entitled to participate in the decision regarding the length of your membership suspension.
  12. No illegal activity of any kind will be tolerated. This includes gambling, possession or use of illegal substances, or solicitation of sexual activity.  If you are approached for such illegal activity, you will notify Mason Street Manor management immediately, and the offending parties membership will be immediately terminated if confirmed.
  13. If you become disorderly and are asked to leave, you will do so immediately, and quietly. Your membership may be immediately revoked if you fail to do so. If you are asked to leave more than once in a twelve-month period, you may be banned.  Lack of adherence to any of the Club Rules or Policies (e.g. as written within this document) may result in membership termination.
  14. No smoking is allowed inside the Mason Street Manor, on the porches, or within 100 feet  any of its respective buildings. This is a fire hazard and is for your own safety. No cigarette butts may be left on the grounds of Mason Street Manor.
  15. All members and guests must follow the noise ordinances of Franklinton, NC. All amplified music and excess noise must cease by 10PM.  Guests must depart at 10PM unless otherwise approved by Mason Street Manor Management. No yelling, shouting, fireworks, outdoor music, etc. that violate the noise ordinance of Franklin County will be tolerated.
  16. No guest will enter, park at, litter onto, or otherwise disturb ANY adjoining residential properties of 312 E Mason Street.
  17. All guests and members must park in the designated area to the right of the property. For evening events, no bright headlights should be used when facing the neighboring residential dwellings. No shouting, yelling, loud music, engine-revving or tire-spinning is allowed. All vehicles must have in-tact mufflers. The speed limit on MSM property is 3MPH.
  18. You understand that your right to attend is conditioned upon your compliance with these rules, and your payment of dues.
  19. Not all members are invited to all activities. The club reserves the right to have private parties and will determine the guest list based on the activity, and agree that this is reasonable and desirable for the club.

The rules of the club may be modified at any time. It is your responsibility to review and accept the current by-laws & policies  of the Mason Street Manor prior to attendance or hosting of any event. Updated rules will be available by request, via email, at The Mason Street Manor, or at www.themasonstreetmanor,com.

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