No questions, no explanations, just amazing memories for you and your loved one.  For your gay and lesbian weddings, The Mason Street Manor is just a short drive from Raleigh and Durham.  The Mason Street Manor is a Historic 1904 Victorian Mansion nestled on a sprawling 8 acre estate.  We provide privacy as well as full service treatment on your special day. 

We offer in and outdoor areas for same sex weddings and events.  You have full reign to choose where and how your ceremony is handled at our venue!

Booking with The Mason Street Manor, you will feel like nothing but family.  Our staff will help you with all your needs, from event coordination, catering, bar selection and anything in between.  We know how important this day is to you, it is our priority to make sure you know that.

Do not settle on a wedding venue that does not meet your needs.  Here at Mason Street Manor, it’s YOUR DAY. We welcome and celebrate couples, staff and event hosts from all walks of life! Love is Love.

ABOUT US Hello! We're the Mason Street Manor

Listed on the National Historic Registry as the Dr. JH Harris House, Mason Street Manor is the perfect backdrop for any affair. Contact us today and one of our experienced Event Managers will be in touch with you to schedule an on-site tour and put together a custom package to suit your personal taste and budget alike.

We Specialize in Environmentally-Conscious Elegance • Weddings / Events / Supper Clubs

We Tell Your Story

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